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Master the art of small talk

Can you manage a business meeting?

Business English isn’t just about using industry specific words. There is a universal language we call SMALL TALK that not only helps you to be a genuine part of any situation it also allows you to manage and control any kind of business meeting. Master the ‘Art of Small Talk’ to sound like an expert and make others take notice and listen to what you have to say.

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My team has extensive experience across numerous industries including International Supply-Chain and Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Renewables, Military, Aviation and Maritime.

  • Interview Strategy and Practice
  • Create a Strong CV
  • Phrases to Sound Like a Native Speaker
  • Understand Commonly Used Terms
  • When to Use and When NOT to Use Certain Language
  • Increase Your Vocabulary AND Your Confidence

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Business english

interview practice and technique

cv review

industry specific language

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boardroom language

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common phrases and idioms

How to answer HR questions

How to impress recruiters

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What We Can Do For You

Master your Business English with a Native Speaker with many years experience in conducting interviews and interview strategy. We will find out exactly what your current level of English is and how best to take you to the next level and increase your job opportunities.

Job Interviews

There is a right way to interview and my team have years of experience conducting interviews at a high level.

CV Review

A good CV will get you an interview, but ONLY if you use the right language for the job.

boardroom language

Meetings and negotiations have their own language and you need to know what the commonly used phrases mean and when to use them.


The key to your success will be your confidence and highlighting your skills. Let’s work together to showcase both.

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Make Your Own Opportunities

When we work together, my goal is to focus on you and what you need. I want to hear how passionate you are about your goals so that we can put together a powerful plan to help you succeed. My aim is to get you to talk as much as possible and not to worry about making mistakes. The only way we can truly learn and build confidence is to be brave enough to make mistakes. I am here to help and support you every step of the way and guide you through the process. 

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